comfort breeds contempt

One cannot hike the mountain tops without ever having to come down to climb through the valleys. You must know defeat in order to truly appreciate victory and if you never had a sad day how would you truly know happiness? The dark cannot exist without the light. Each have their own beauty.

The mountain top requires effort to reach and when you get there you feel achieved and succesful; like you could conquor anything. You feel high, full of unending possiblities and greatness. The only limitation is the horizon and that is as far away as the eyes can see. There you have great perspective of the world below, you reach an understanding of yourself and you feel you can relax now. But one cannot stay there forever... we would naturally grow bored of the view and all those possibilties in the distance waiting to be discouvered.

So down into the valleys we stumble; getting wet and scratched. The valley is dark, hidden by the over growth. Our feet get wet and we are threatened by the insects and reptiles so we press on in the dark hoping and trusting to find the next foot of the next mountain in good time.
While there we are tested in ways we never could have imagined, we attempt to remember all the things we had learned in order to survive, we perservere and push on.

We reach a place where the light is breaking through into a clearing into the woods. There is grass there and it is soft to our blistered feet. There is fresh water gurgling from the rocks and birds are singing. We take a seat to rest for awhile. There is fruit and wild bearings, animals grazing by waters edge... we let ourselves feel comfortable.

Slowly the journey slips from our minds as we enjoy the tasteful fruits and the fresh
cold clean water on our lips. We slip into comfort without realizing and forget that next mountain still awaiting us. Time grows absent without notice, our beards grow long like tree roots towards the water, our fingernails curl and our hair grows around the birds' nests.

Lightening cracks the sky and dark clouds roll in over the clearing. Rain drops pelt down heavy and hurt as they hit our skin. We try to run and hide but we are unable, we are unable to do anything to protect ourselves, we are stuck in comfort.

I am thankful for the lightening cracks as they remind me to not become too comfortable with life, because as sure as there are valleys there is a mountain that still awaits us.


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