Hiking Equipment

This talk of mountain top highs and valley lows has come up several times these past few days. Here are some of the thoughts that have been shared that I think we all need to hear.

When a hiker goes into the woods to go for a hike do they go with flip flops on? No, offcourse they equip themselves with essential hiking gear that can vary from one persons needs to anothers. Things like good hiking boots, a walking stick, water bottles/camel-pack, gloves, good socks, water resistant clothing, an energy bar, a compass, a map... etc.

Then why do we deprive ourselves of the essential tools that we may need when we are journeying through the mountain top highs and the valley lows of our lives? Part of the answer to this is yet another question... why do we not honor our inabilities? Our inability to hike in flip flops? Our tools can make the difference between coping or slipping into deep depressions, between getting stuck in the valleys and never finding our way to the mountains edge or climbing steadily to the next mountain top experience. These tools can be the things that properly equip us for the journey; counselling sessions, massage therapy, a quiet walk through a park, time in a hot tub, a couple of puffs in the garage, a visit with an old friend, a sunday morning church service, an energy healing circle, medication, prayer, a candle lit bath with bubbles and so forth.

It is okay to accept our humaness, we are not superheros: we have in-abilities! It is more than acceptable to use tools to help us on our journey


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