Getting Over Yourself, the Real Satan is Insecurity!

In Memory of Gary Cramer, my friend.

Sitting here with my diet breakfast; two eggs and coffee without sugar

I am thinking about you.

With the odd pause to wipe the heavy tears away,

I am remembering every moment you came into my life,

and the way each encounter profoundly affected me.

"swinging like monkeys through the trees"

You were tough as nails, but always with the truth and with a soft kiss.

You were straight up!

Matter of fact!

No doubt about it,

"Life sucks", you told me,

"but you roll with it and have a good time despite it all!"

You told me,

"Anything is possible and if you have a gift, use it!

Get over yourself!

Stop wasting everybodies time with feeling sorry for yourself and being insecure!"

Gary is a Galiano rock and roll legend, a Bob Dylan enthusiast, a hippy, an artist, a truck driving man and in his last days, a prophet.

His words to me, cut like a knife, but I held onto them as golden nuggets.

Insecurity is what keeps us from discouvering just exactly who we really are. It's what keeps us from finding the confidance to be who we are. It's the force that keeps us hidden and in the shadows, never reaching our full potential. Insecurity is the negative dark energy that pushes against us. What would the world look like if there was no such thing as insecurity?

Can you imagine yourself without insecurity? Can you imagine what you could be possible of achieving?
I fight insecurity all the time, we all do! I learned this trick awhile ago and I will pass it on to you:
When you are going into a room full of people, imagine that they are all feeling just as insecure as you are, if not more and than decide to be the one who just "gets over themselves".


  1. try this excercise: I teach this to my daughter.
    When you are entering a room full of people imagine that everyone in there is feeling exactly the way you do, and then be the one who chooses to just, get over themself.


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