A: Authenticity

Authenticity is a big one for me... the thing that makes us most unique, reminding us of our individuality is our truth. I believe that we each have our own and its the institutions that teach and train us to "want to be like everyone else", we are much easier to sell to when the Jones' are setting the mark. It's when we dare to acknowledge that we 'disagree' then change/healing really has a chance! I don't know where it came from, this innate sense to be accepted, approved, agreed with... but in retrospect it never has done me any good. If anything, it is the need for these things that actually kept me off focus, derailing me down tributaries that brought the hardest lessons. It was in the "search" for these things that I lost myself, my true sense of self. Interesting isn't it? Dr. Brone Brown talks about her research on what makes people successful in life, it was her conclusion that the people who felt the most secure and safe in life were the ones more willing to take risks, they were the ones that could bravely dare to be their authentic selves. Those of us from more colorful upbringings who were challenged by the lack of support and safety, we are the ones less likely to succeed, because we tend to be afraid of stepping out and being different. We have lacked the "support structures" and the "safety net" in which to fall back into.
 When I heard her speaking I instantly knew I needed to create my own safety, my own support systems... because at all costs... I will live an honest life! And who doesn't want to succeed in life? no matter what their ego says. Why shouldn't we, for we are all pretty amazing creatures... and so to begin believing in ourselves we must re-connect with our truth, allow ourselves the right to disagree, be honest with ourselves and with others... this belief is all about being worthy!
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