Articles of Madness .4

It's Sugar!
bad sugar, bad!
when I exercise no self control... you are bad for me.
when I let you win and take you in... you are bad for me.
oh sweet illusion of magnificence in my mouth...
you deceitful bitch!
you drag me down slow
you anchor my feet
to the muggy wet floor
of my dark underworld
you seducer, you temptress, you false comforter
you drag me down
and bulge out my flesh
you make me heavy
and weak
I hate you! I hate you ! I hate you!
you are a bad drug.
a very bad drug.
and I will not let you win!


  1. I love this one! What a fantastic illustration of the addiction and (this is not too strong a word) 'devastation' that sugar causes. Keep up the fight! You're stronger than it!

  2. I had completely underestimated the power of the addiction... and had not made the connection between my lethargic and highly irritable moods ,,,greatly influenced by my eating habits... listening to the Dalai Lama talking about self-discipline helped me accept how out of control this addiction had become...


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