B: Believe in Yourself
Today my husband and I went for a walk up to our favorite quiet space, the Bluffs, and sat down together in the space of incredible beauty, looking out over all the gulf islands. I leaned my head on his shoulder and said, "the only thing holding us back is our belief that we deserve the very best in life." He agreed and we talked about our programming as children, the way we... were raised, the mentalities that we struggle with even today to free ourselves from, that we don't deserve the best. It's so true, that we fear being successful. "Why?" the question lingers. So, even today I realised how that programming is so ingrained. Why not? is the question I answered myself with! Why not!!! Truly what do we have to lose? complacency? laziness? depression? doubt? lack of self love? YES!!! these are the things worth losing!!! We believe that we have the potential to maximize all our gifts and talents and that YES!! we can and will experience abundance and blessings!! So it came all down to getting over ourselves and making the choice to say YES, WHY NOT believe that we are worthy of it ALL! everything that life can afford us! We continue to dream and believe that together we will maximize our potential and experience everything possible! and THAT is a great feeling! (way better than playing the victim) And that is when SPIRIT steps up to the plate and says, NOW LETS PLAY BALL!


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