Mad as a March Hare!

When I started blogging, it wasn't because I was looking for an audience but because I desperately needed an outlet. My blogging gave me a sense personal accountability, it was all about providing myself an essential service required for my mental and emotional well being... a venue for thought and epiphany. My goal has always been to write from my heart without worrying about how it sounds or what someone else might think. I needed an outlet for my madness, for my truth, and for my differences. Blogging became a source of therapy for me, a means of self-care, starting conversations with myself and whoever needed to listen in.

March is the hardest month, because we are caught in throws of Mother Nature Herself caught in transition, it is the "in-between" neither Winter or Spring... the weather itself is schizophrenic no wonder we are connecting with our own madness at this time.

This Month I have been exploring what makes the March Hare mad. All year long, he is the shyest and most independent of the rabbit family, living alone until Mating Season, Spring. Then a craziness comes over him, he becomes erratic, impulsive and excitable, to the point of madness, even violence. I internalize this info and see how shy and somewhat repressed I've become. How I've held back and found comfort in isolation. Keeping my story to myself serves no one, not even myself! This kind of behavior for me can become unhealthy... and its time now to start the conversation about mental illness.

 I have had to look honestly at my own madness... and I'm discovering I'm not as sane as I assumed I was. I know I am not alone... I 'deal' with Depression. Mental illness is the largest misunderstood and unrecognized condition and yet the most rampant ... (though I'd like to note here that I think "illness" is a very unfair term... I prefer, dis-ease.) In my strive for Authenticity I have dug into my own 'dis-ease' and have started writing about it.. and I'm excited, I'm surrendering to it, exploring it, expressing it!!! These are the shadows of my soul and I am not afraid to share them.

These blogs are dedicated to two very special women that are right now facing their darkness and fighting for their lives. To them I raise my glass and say, "your madness is beautiful, do not be afraid, You are NOT ALONE!"


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